Dual AFC Karrycourt's Rose
O'Cidermill. ROM
Brian and Sedona
Producing Dual Type Irish Setters for 42 years
In 1972 the first Irish Setter came to live at the Wagner  home. McClaffy  was the first of
many. Rory Hayes McClaffy CDX VC gave us the inspiration and the Ideals that remain
with us today.

Those ideals  being that the Irish Setter should be good looking, trainable  and able to
hunt. We set our sights on a Versitile Dual Dog and developed a breeding program
dedicated to improving our bloodline to accomplish those goals.

To that end we have finished Obedience Titles, Field Champions, Show Champions
which includes our Dual Champions Karrycourt's Rose O'Cidermill ROM

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Karrycourt Setters - Field - Show - Obedience
Karrycourt  Setters
Karrycourt's Catus Cidor
Russell's Karrycourt Kiara
4 mo old
Brian & Jeannie Wagner
Kiara earns first leg of
Junior Hunter
ISCA National Hunt Test
Brian , Sedona, and Jack
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